RTA Kitchen Cabinets Review

Published: 27th August 2010
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RTA kitchen cabinets have become an in vogue commodity that more and more homeowners are taking advantage of. The recent condition of the economy has taught many to invest in a smart way and in home improvement, ready-to-assemble cabinetry has proven to be one cost-effective option that affords homes a more gorgeous interior and a better functioning kitchen. So if you are planning on a remodeling project, and a budgeted one at that, RTA kitchen cabinets are well-worth considering. This article lays out their strengths over your regular choice with insights ideal whether you are in Staten Island, Long Island, Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn.

So what are RTA kitchen cabinets? From the term, ready-to-assemble, these units are basically flat packed and shipped containing all the necessary parts cut-to-fit and drilled in places, hardware and accents to pull them together and a comprehensive set of instructions on how to do the construction. Though these have already been in the market for many years, their popularity has bloomed just lately with the increasing demand for budget-friendly yet quality products. These can just be as appealing and efficient as any cabinet units you can seen in showrooms.

Like standard cabinetry, ready-to-assemble pieces come in all price ranges with tags depending on the materials they are built from and design that they showcase. From low-end spectrum of particleboard and laminate to the most luxurious hardwood, you'll find the best matching option whatever your overall kitchen design is and your budget. But in terms of cost, you can expect them to come in a fraction of the price of traditional units. Being flat-packed, they do not cost much to ship as they do not take up as much space as pre-assembled cabinet units. As the assembling is done by you, you'll enjoy a good cutback in labor expenses. The money factor is probably the strongest advantage of RTA kitchen cabinets over its standard counterparts.

RTA kitchen cabinets come in a very wide variety of styles that are generally categorized into modern, traditional, antique and contemporary. Even if they showcase the most popular designs and are engineered for form and function, most packages do not need any special skill nor tools to be assembled with most needing only a screwdriver. Most require wood dowels, screws and glue to be put together, all of which are already supplied together with the rest of the parts.

Another great advantage for choosing RTA kitchen cabinets is that you get to enjoy the remodeling results faster. Flat-packed, they are easier to store making them almost always available in your local retail stores or in the warehouse of your chosen online supplier. Shipping only takes around two to three weeks whereas with pre-assembled ones you usually wait for about eight weeks for the product to get delivered. So even if the design of your choice is not available in your local shop, the wait would not take as long.

For homeowners wanting an economic and fast way to achieve functionality and beauty in remodeling the heart of their homes, then RTA kitchen cabinets are options worth looking into.

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